06.01.2005 Sydney Star Observer
Tim Benzie
Keeping faith
27.12.2004 Sydney Morning Herald
Steve Meacham
Year in review — Looking good
25.11.2004 Sydney Central Courier
Kim Shaw
The bigger picture
19.11.2004 ACU website
Not attributed
18.11.2004 The Daily Telegraph
Elizabeth Fortesque
Tragedy a key to truth
18.11.2004 The Australian
Jane Albert
Prize winner rises from the ashes
18.11.2004 Sydney Morning Herald
Lenny Ann Low
Still mourning and a resurrection of sorts
01.11.2004 African Australian Online Resource
Not attributed
Moving Images
01.03.2003 SGLMG Festival Guide
Marcus O'Donnell
hung drawn and quartered
12.02.2003 Sydney Morning Herald
Bruce James
Projects flashy parade of stars seeks no quarter
01.02.2003 Catalogue
Curated by Robert Lake & Jim Anderson
Hung Drawn & Quartered
01.01.2003 Visual Arts Catalogue
Curated by Elzbieta Cesarska
PolArt Festival Sydney
01.01.2002 Macmillan Art Publishing
Maria Wronska Friend
Roses and Red Earth
07.11.2001 Northern District Times
Not attributed
Hardly Poles apart
01.10.2000 Campaign Magazine
Not attributed
AñA Wojak profile
14.06.2000 The City Weekly
Not attributed
Skygarden Winner
02.02.2000 Sydney Star Observer
Craig Judd
Out Art
01.01.2000 Australian Museum Outback Press
Compiled by Trish McDonald
Body Art
05.11.1998 Sydney Star Observer
Daniel Mudie Cunningham
29.10.1998 Sydney Star Observer
Mazz Images
AñA Wojak opens...
22.10.1998 Sydney Star Observer
Tim Benzie
01.08.1998 Skin Two Magazine
Not attributed
AñA Wojak profile
08.11.1997 Sydney Morning Herald
Bruce James
Queer, really queer
17.10.1997 The Bulletin
Joanna Mendelsohn
Prize reveals a true artist behind the mask
13.10.1995 Capital Q
Temper Smith
Visual Art review
08.03.1994 Sydney Morning Herald
Bronwyn Watson
Artists put own faces forward for Archibald
01.01.1994 NGA Thames & Hudson
Ted Gott
Don't Leave Me This Way ART IN THE AGE OF AIDS
02.10.1993 The West Australian
David Bromfield
On show
23.09.1993 The West Australian
Not attributed
Painter stresses detailed images
01.05.1993 Good Weekend
Julia Leigh
Guardian Angles
06.01.1993 Brunswick Byron Echo
Not attributed
30.10.1992 Sydney Morning Herald
Bronwyn Watson
Black images from a migrant childhood
01.03.1992 Campaign Magazine
Matthew Westwood
Sacred Works
31.01.1992 Sydney Morning Herald
Bronwyn Watson
Decorative ceiling gazing imposes no lid on insight
01.01.1992 Women's Redress Press
cover, edited by K Herne, J Travaglia, E Weiss
Who Do You Think You Are?
14.12.1991 The Weekend Australian
Elwyn Lynn
More things of heaven and earth...
25.12.1991 The Bulletin
Joanna Mendelsohn
The never ending Archibald story
30.11.1991 Gold Coast Bulletin
John Millington
Themed exhibitions can often bring out the best
09.10.1991 Interior Architechture Magazine
Not attributed
01.01.1991 Mode Magazine
Rosalinde Reines
Arch rivals
08.06.1990 The West Australian
David Bromfield
Young look back to old
15.12.1990 Sydney Morning Herald
Christopher Allen
Blake shows up the decline of religious inspiration
15.12.1990 Weekend Australian
Elwyn Lynn
Emotions unmoved in mysterious ways
14.12.1989 Sydney Morning Herald
John McDonald
Arch rivals racing for brush with fame
11.08.1989 Sydney Morning Herald
Christopher Allen
Smorgasbord of styles for today
24.07.1989 Sun Herald
Anne Loxley
Woman as Goddess
15.07.1989 Sydney Morning Herald
Christopher Allen
Janus up against the wall
22.01.1988 Sydney Morning Herald
Bronwyn Watson
Setting off on a maiden voyage
01.09.1987 Third Australian Sculpture Triennial catalogue
Rose Lang
Eight Artists as Sculptors
20.09.1987 Times on Sunday
Terry Smith
Sculpture blossoms in triennial showing
24.03.1981 Westfalen Post
Not attributed
Anna Wojak und ihre Fabelwelt
24.03.1981 Iserlohner Post
Not attributed
Anna zwischen Traum und Tod
23.03.1981 Westfalische Rundschau
Not attributed
Statt strenger Philosophie leichte und verspielte Fantasien und Traumereien